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Articles by Coldfusion User Group Members

The following are articles written by different Coldfusion User Group members.

    Uploading Files, Delivering Them to the Visitor
    by Michael Cummins

    One of the most frequent tasks I am called upon to perform is handling browser controlled file uploads that are ultimately delivered to the site visitor. I just finished writing a nice project manager for a client this weekend, which inspired the article you are reading now. I cannot share with you a blow by blow manual on how to handle each step, but I'm sure that the outline of how I handled things will give you great insights on writing your own. Let's break down the process into several trains of thought...

    Deriving eConomy from eCommerce
    by Doug Mee

    At this stage in the evolution of the "e" economy the information superhighway is visibly taking shape and its more of an information super-river than an interstate. Like a river the digital economy has taken the path of least resistance, lurching toward the most proximate opportunities emerging from incremental changes in the technological and market landscape

    Newbie to Newbie: The Trials and Tribulations of Cold Fusion Tenderfoot
    by Harlan Yaffe

    It is pretty standard fare in "Designer-Ville" these days: some Johnny-Came-Late-to-the-Web bursts through the door, ringing his hands because he truly believe his Online challenged status has cost him the deal that would have enabled him to retire by the end of year and live out his days in languid repose on the beaches of Antigua

    Introduction to the Fusebox Methodology
    by Tom Langer

    Many people ask what fusebox is, and when many first look at it, they may be confused or don't understand it's practicality. Hopefully that will change after reading this article.

    The fusebox style of coding is simply that, it's a style. This method uses the closest thing possible to an object-oriented approach in the Cold Fusion code. I have coded many different CF-based applications, many in a spaghetti code, and many in a fusebox methodology

    Commerce Confusion
    by Doug Mee

    If electronic commerce market penetration was measured by media hype, one may think the internet bonanza was peaking. Many companies, large and small are pursuing eCommerce projects in an orgy of experimentation. These internet initiatives

    Using CFSCRIPT
    by William Wheatley

    What is CFScript? Cfscript is a CF function that allows you to use JavaScript type code in your CF templates. Now I am sure you might be saying why would i use CFSCRIPT? I do not like Javascript, this seems like a step backwards. Well I would say there are pros and cons to using CFSCRIPT in an application. Some of the benefits of using CFSCRIPT is it is very easy to set variables. Lets compare:

    The Style File
    by Harlan Yaffe

    Fire and water, MTV and the Moral Majority, the Hatfield's and the McCoy's, Web designers and Programmers: what to these groups have in common? Nothing, except the fact they all hate each other with the veracity of a bi-polar schizophrenic on a collision course with a revolving door. As for fire and water, looks like nature has pretty much solved that one for us.

    Employment, Revolution, Convergence and You
    by Margaret Ortiz

    It's no secret that today's workforce is not your father's Oldsmobile. It's no surprise the workplace of today is immensely different from the workplace of 1950. But the evolution seen just in the past ten years is as colossal. The major influence in the evolution, of course, has been technology. Everything, EVERYTHING, is bigger, faster and better than it was yesterday...

    by Patrick Arillo

    The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) with its rich set of containers, iterators and algorithms should be a consideration to help facilitate your Cold Fusion CFX tag development. The use of STL is likely to make your tags more reliable, more portable, and more general, therefore reducing the cost of producing them. Other benefits include support for OOP concepts, function and class instantiation for any data type - user defined or built-in, and increased performance.

    "Fuse-Data" Conceptual Whitepaper
    by Tom Langer

    In the world of business rules here, remote data there, and platform independent front-ends all over the place - sometimes it gets a little insane trying to figure out a great way to implement an easy solution (and I think there really is one!)

    This white paper details how you can create data-management engine in cold-fusion